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Form IT-47


REQUEST FOR MUNICIPAL INCOME TAX ACCOUNT FOR BUSINESSES: City of Columbus, North Pickaway County JEDD, Prairie Township JEDD, and Madison Township JEDD.

Do you already have an existing account with the Columbus Income Tax Division and want to access the PAYMENT PORTAL application? Do you want to establish a new tax account with the Columbus Income Tax Division?

Note 1: Required fields are marked *
Note 2: No single quotation marks allowed

PART A: General Information

1. Taxpayer Federal EIN / FID (enter "APPLIED" if not yet issued) *
2. Reporting Agent's Federal EIN
3. Taxpayer's Legal Name *
4. Mailing Address for Net Profit or Loss Returns and Correspondence *
   Street Address or PO Box *

  City *                                   State*   Zip*    Zip+4
5. Mailing Address for Payroll Tax Returns and Correspondence (if address is exactly the same as stated in the fields of line 4 please type the word "SAME" in the Street Address field)
   Street Address or PO Box

  City                                      State     Zip     Zip+4
6. Trade Name or DBA Name
7. Fiscal Year End (if other than December)
8. Name of Payroll Service or Employee Leasing Company (if any) 
9. Business Type *
10. Communities in which you are or will be conducting business *

11. Month and Year Area Business started in selected jurisdiction(s)*
12. Month and Year of 1st Payroll in selected jurisdiction(s)
13. Approximate Monthly Payroll for employees working in our Collection Group *
14. How often are your employees paid?
15. Nature of Business (i.e. "computer consulting")*

PART B: Contact Information

1. Name of President, CEO, Tax Matters Partner, Trustee or Owner *
2. Title *
3. SSN *
4. Complete Home Address including City, State, and Zip *
5. Name of Officer or Partner in Charge of Payroll
6. SSN of Officer or Partner in Charge of Payroll
7. Complete Home Address of Officer or Partner in Charge of Payroll including City, State, & Zip
8. Name of Payroll Tax Contact
9. Payroll Tax Contact Title
10. Payroll Tax Phone No.     Ext.
11. Payroll Tax Fax No.
12. Name of Business Tax Contact
13. Business Tax Contact Title
14. Business Tax Phone No.     Ext.
15. Business Tax Fax No.
For Single Member LLC Filing as Disregarded Entity for Federal Tax Purposes Only, complete lines 16-19 below
16. Legal Name of 100% Member *
17. 100% Member's SSN/FIN *
18. Complete Mailing Address of 100% Member including City, State, and Zip *
19. 100% Member's Business Type *

PART C: Greater Columbus Metropolitan Area Addresses

List all Columbus area addresses where you have employees working and/or provide an explanation as to why you need to establish an account with the City of Columbus' Income Tax Division. Consulting firms should include the addresses of client locations if the firm has employees physically working at client sites (indicate if address given is a client site). Construction firms should include job site addresses (indicate if address given is a job site). Businesses with a significant number of field employees who work at multiple customer sites in a week should list only their actual locations, and in one of the boxes below indicate the geographic area served by their field employees (for example: "Field employees working out of our Columbus office serve our Ohio and Indiana customers"). If you have more than six work-site addresses please submit the additional addresses on a separate sheet of paper, marking that sheet with the company name, FID, and phone number and fax it to (614) 724-0232.


PART D: Name and Phone No. of Person completing the Form:

1. Name *
2. Phone No. *     Ext.


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